Monday, December 8, 2014

Music Monday

Saw a couple of great movies this weekend, both with amazing soundtracks and both which I sobbed through. The first was The Fault In Our Stars. It was an incredibly sad story as I knew it would be, covering the short lives of two amazing young people battling cancer together and ultimately falling in love. Tearing up just thinking about it... The second was Begin Again, starring a (singing) Kiera Knightley and an always dreamy Mark Ruffalo. I picked this one up just for those actors, not knowing much else about the film. Adam Levine also had a brief role, his singing was gorgeous but the acting, meh, lets just say it wasn't up to par with Ruffalo, hehe. It was to my surprise that it was actually a really touching film and the music was just beautiful. Check out these two clips of the main song "Lost Stars," written in the movie by Knightley, the songwriter and sung first by her and then in the end her bf, Levine. Which one do you like better?

Happy Monday
~The One Who Is Smiling

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